I’m Back with a Fantastic Deal!

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve been MIA for so long, but now I’m right back into things.

Holy smokes! Spud.ca has an amazing weekly basket on sale right now for $35 (worth $65!). I bought this basket, and 1kg of their AMAZING bacon and only spent $45 (I got an additional $10 off because I haven’t ordered in a while ;)). Did I mention they deliver to your front door as well?
I spent $45.06, saved $30, and here’s what I ordered to maximized my savings:
If you like buying local, organic foods and like to SAVE MONEY doing it, then let’s help each other out! Use my referral code CREDM-GAUAMA to to enjoy $20 of free groceries when you spend at least $50 on your new SPUD account. Simply sign up with SPUD to have your $20 discount automatically applied to your order.
If you already have a SPUD account, you should still go buy this basket because it’s a sweet deal. 😉

Backyard Chickens!

On Monday, August 18th, Edmonton city councillors voted to let up to a dozen homeowners keep hens starting this fall as part of a pilot project to work out rules for keeping chickens responsibly.  This is AMAZING!  Even Mayor Don Iveson agreed that Edmonton is “behind the times on this, and for all of those guerrilla chicken operations out there, we want to provide a pathway for them to come into compliance with reasonable rules.”  

chickens(Photo source)

The Edmonton Journal says: “City administrators said they would allow chicken owners to have between four and 10 hens for the pilot project. They will come up with a set of rules first and then let Edmontonians apply to take part. Staff will take the lessons they learn and bring them back to council in a year.”

This is an exciting step and I hope Sherwood Park follows soon.  Despite the fact that I’m scared of birds (including scary, pecking, scratching chickens), I would LOVE to have fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Check out CBC and the Edmonton Journal’s articles. 

Could You Live Without Your Grocery Store?

I’m truly inspired by the post Our Year Without Groceries.  While I realize that they do live in the US and are farmers (possibly making it a little bit simpler), their determination to go an entire year without stepping into a grocery store blows me away and makes me wish I could do the same.  Is it even possible in Alberta, Canada?  Why not?!


I was honestly shocked that society has lasted so long without the convinience of grocery stores.  For a while, I’ve been thinking about this article and meme have concluded that it is entirely possible to shop outside of grocery stores.  For those of us non-farmers, we can buy our meats, eggs, grains, dairy and produce through farmer’s markets, things like Heritage Chickens, The Organic Box, and Locavoria, and buying co-ops! And if we we are able to, some of us can even grow our own produce and some people are lucky enough to own chickens, goats, etc in their backyard (not in Alberta unfortunately)!

Is it the most frugal way?  Maybe not, but then again, maybe it is.  Consider the amount of impulse shopping that many of us do while roaming the aisles.  I’m guilty of it, especially in the toys and clothing department.  And perhaps, in the long run it will save us money in health care.  It also keeps us buying whole foods and supports the local economy.  Growing your own food also saves you money!

Perhaps it’s an idealistic way to look at things and I believe that there are some things that “must” be bought at a grocery store to accommodate budgets and convenience.  (Like it says in the blog post, even Laura Ingalls’ family went to the “grocery” store 1-2 times/year, but that was it).  Once I get a handle on buying mostly whole and organic foods, I’d really like to see if I could implement something similar to “Our Year without Groceries”, but maybe start with something shorter like one month.


“Melissa and Doug” Toys on Sale! What are Your Favourite Toys That They Sell?

We love Melissa and Doug toys here. Usually, when we buy these products we do so at Michaels with a 50% off regular price item coupon or when they are on sale for 40% off.  Sometimes though the selection is quite limited, so I like it when they go on sale for 25% off on well.ca.

My toddlers like the Colour Blast On the Go books and I like them because they are fun and NO MESS!  They can colour their pictures without getting colour all over my table, chairs or their bodies and clothes.  Michaels sells these for $9.99 regular price, but well.ca has them for $4.99 regular price.  From now until June 15th you can save 25% off any Melissa and Doug product.  Check them out!  They make great gifts.


On sale for $4.49!


Add These 5 “New” Organic Costco Items to Your Grocery List!

I have to say I’m really impressed with Costco carrying so many organic/natural/gluten-free/dairy-free products and at a reasonable price.  Here are some “new” items that I have never seen before, but maybe they will be added to your grocery list!

Steel Cut Oats


Can get much better than delicious organic steel cut oats!  These are on my list once I run out of our current stash.

Almond Flour


I may try this out in order to cook goodies for my gf friends!

Pureed Baby Food/Child’s Snack


Quick and easy snacks!

Happy Planet Juice


Totally using these to make organic popsicles!

Organic Coconut Chips


Wow. If you haven’t tried these as a snack, then you’re missing out!


Get 10% off TODAY for Customer Appreciation at Planet Organic

photo(11)Planet Organic doesn’t have a monthly set day when they do their customer appreciation, but today is the day.  As a member you can get 10% off anything in the store!

Activate a membership rewards card and get $5 in free produce!


Speaking of produce, they have some excellent sales that are better or equal to what non-organic produce usually is.  Sales run until June 19.


With 10% off it’s $2.24!


With 10% off that $0.90.each!


With 10% off that 2/$2.70!


Dairy promo!

Check out their flyer for a complete list of sale offers.

Saving on “Alternative” Food and Health

That was a weird title, but it kinda sums up what I’m about to post.

Last night I went to the post office to mail things.  I had just fed the baby so knowing that he wouldn’t need me back immediately, I wandered the aisles searching for coupons: I found so much more.


Organic peanut butter came out to $1.99 each!


Excellent price for rice milk!


I’m not a big fan of soy, but if you drink it, you can’t beat $0.99 for organic soy milk. The almond milk is on sale too!


Check the expiry dates before stocking up on clearout items!


If you use homeopathic products…


80% savings for the Tri-Vi-Sol. There are coupons out there for this product!


$1.99 for 2pk of organic baby soap! I bought two boxes, used a $2.50 coupon when you buy 2 products and got 4 bars of soap for $1.49!


Gluten-free animal crackers.

If any of these items are on your list, check out the Sherwood Park Mall Shoppers Drug Mart!  Don’t forget to bring your rewards card so you can earn points for future purchases!


25% Back When You Buy Free-From Meats!

Quick!  I must write a post while all the children are sleeping!

PC Plus has a great points rewards promotion for this week:


This is a fantastic time to stock up on meats ESPECIALLY if they have the 30% off clearance stickers.


Select free-from meats also have their own in-store points rewards as well!


Absolutely take advantage of this great offer to stock up on great meat and points!  Happy shopping!

A Great Snack for a Picky Eater – My Chocolate Avocado Pudding!

My 20 month old is a very picky eater.  He will not eat fruits or veggies or meat (to name a few things) unless I hide it in other foods.  My cousin told me about a chocolate avocado pudding that she made and so I started looking into recipes which led me to make my own.  Here it is:


Simple, whole food ingredients.

2 very ripe avocados

1/2 ripe banana
1/3 cup liquid honey

2-3 tbsp on cocoa
1 tsp vanilla (optional and not necessary when you have banana)


Blend ingredients for about 15 seconds!

Blend.  Add a bit of milk if the consistency is too thick.


Perfect consistency!

Best served chilled.  I’ve topped this delicious treat with strawberries and whipped cream.  The 20 month old picks off the strawberries, but hey, at least he’s getting avocado!


This was his first bite. After that, I had to put down the camera and run for wet cloths! It got messy very quickly.



Frugal Friday Finds! Vol. 7.

Don’t bother looking through the following flyers, because I did it for you.  Here’s what I found so far this week:



Glutino has a section on their website where they ask you specifically if you want a coupon from them!



They no longer have a rewards card!



Not organic, but a good price for cheese!


Sometimes if you get there early in the morning you can get this bread for 50% off. Check the clearance rack.


Lactantia usually has tearpad coupons that come out: $2 when you buy 2.


Gluten-free living

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card.



There are sometimes coupons for this product.





Organic tortilla chips!


Coupons come out for this product all the time.


Still cheaper at Costco


Organic shampoo! I’ve never tried it because I love Live Clean shampoo.

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card





Decent price


Not organic, but really good deal on butter and bacon!

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card


Many people I know are getting this PC Points offer this week. Take advantage of it!







Not organic, but a good price for vitamins. There are insert coupons available for these.



These are the flyer deals I found this week.  If you see any more or any in-store specials, let me know!