So You Know That Peanut Butter I Love…

I went to Costco tonight to grab food for my son’s 2 year old birthday party this weekend, coconut milk for my coffee and good ol’ peanut butter!  I wanted my Golden Boy, and was so excited to see it on sale until I saw that tiny star in the top right corner.  That star means that they are clearing this product out!  I’m really disappointed that I just found this delicious, whole foods peanut butter with NO junk in it, and now my Costco won’t have it once these pallets are gone. 

Let me know if your Costco is clearing this out! 



Urgent! Costco’s Coconut Chips

Recently I fell in love with these delicious organic coconut chips from Costco.  Yesterday when I was picking up my son’s baptism cake, I decided to also grab a few bags of these while I was there.  While checking out, the cashier told me that they are DISCONTINUING THESE items!  Hugely disappointed in this because this was my new favorite snack, so I had her scan in a couple more bags and I went back and grabbed more.  She told me that any product that has a snowflake in the top right corner of its price “tag” is being discontinued.  We are unsure if it was just for the Sherwood Park Costco, so check yours out before it’s too late!  Once the pallets are cleared, there will be no more!


When Things Get Tight, Do You Compromise?

I do.

While I absolutely believe eating organic/free-from foods are a better and healthier choice, I will not put our family in the poor house by doing this.  This month we have a lot of big expenses, and as we get closer to the birth of baby #3, there are a few additional expenses that will incur.  So this month, we’re compromising a little bit (but those are organic apples!).

This week’s Superstore shop included:


$1.15 after coupons, superbucks and a PC Points $20 redemption.


A Couple Superstore Finds Tonight

Sherwood Park Superstore had a couple organic items for 50% off tonight.

These were a neat find.  Note the bottom left on the price tag has a “DNO”.  This means “Do not order” so watch your Superstores to see if they are clearing out these diapers too!


$5.37 for 36 GMO-free, natural and non-bleached diapers. Comes out to $0.15/diaper which is great!



$4.50 – $1 coupon = $3.50 for 4L of organic milk.